About me

Hey! My name is Tissie and I am a writer, a translator, and an editor. I’ve been working with beginners and published authors for 20+ years. I pride myself to be an objective assessor, meaning I don’t let my personal tastes interfere with my editing. My goal is to help you and get you one step closer to publishing. I will take care of your book as if it was my own.

My favourite books:

– American Gods, Neil Gaiman
– Needful Things, Stephen King
– The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien
– The Citadel, A.J. Cronin
– The Onyx, J. Briskin
– The Magdeburg saga, A. Altieri

The best book I read this year is The Second Life of Mirielle West, A. Skenandore.

Few more things about me:

– Translator – I do subs for movies
– Writer
– Single working Mom
– Former Project Manager

Twitter @Lilaclicoricet1

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