Bibliophile, words hoarder.

Evil and also into cats. Tea, photography, sarcasm, and lots of arched eyebrows. Swears often. Dreams in Icelandic.

Yay: Sci-fi, horror, historical drama (the drama!), lgbt. Plot, limited third person pov, world building.

Nay: First person pov. Adverbs. 

Mission: Finding lgbt books with a curated plot and well-rounded characters. Substance is the name of the game.



Evil bitch. Music maniac. Lots of tattoos.

Red wine is nice, tea is nicer, and chocolate is the key to my heart. I read to travel the world and always need to have the last word.

Yay: Urban Fantasy (more hot demons, please). Chick lit, crime, YA (world, meet cute).

Nay: SCI-FI. Historical lit.

Mission: Reading all the existing UF sagas, even if it takes me more than a lifetime.