Book Tours

Kick back and join us, we’re on tour!


Brooklyn Monroe Wants it all by K. Booth – 25/10
A Village in the Country by E. Spires – 31/10


Secrets in the Dark by C. Campbell – 05/11
Here We Go Loop De Loop by W. J. Sibley – 15/11
The Kitchen by E. Carter – 17/11
The Warden by J. Richter – 21/11
Remember me? by A. Rigby – 24/11
The Bookseller’s Secret by M. Gable – 26/11


The Amber Crane by M. Von Hassell – 18/12


Behind the Veil by E.J. Dawson – 15/01


The Ghosts of Thorwald Place by H. Power – 12/02

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