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Adonias Low by D.A. Low – 07/03
The Cabin Session by I. Blackthorne – 11/03
Peach Blossom by M. Fu – 21/03


Merchant of Knowledge and Magic by E. McCorkle – 08/04
Setsuko and the Seven Samurai by V.M. Sawh – 11/04
The Grooms Wore White by C. Lyndhurst – 13/04
Ask Not by M.M. Schmidt


The Sweet Shop of Second Chances by H. Lynn – 04/05
The Attic Child by L. Jaye – 04/05
Summer at the French Cafe by S. Moorcroft – 12/05


Sister Agatha: The World’s Oldest Serial Killer by D. O’Donoghue – 20/06

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