#Book Review – The Book of Tea; O. Kakuzō

I’ll admit I requested The Book of Tea by mistake. Blame old age, rush, or whathaveyou, but I misread something, I understood something else, and I went in expecting tea-related pictures. Imagine my surprise when those traditional Japanese kettles I was dreaming of never materialized. My tea fields? Sorry, wrong book. Still, my perplexity was short-lived: The Book of Tea turned out to be an informative tale, steeped in history and culture. All in all, a lucky mistake.

#Book Review – The Girl Behind the Wall; M. Robotham

Berlin, summer 1961. A wall goes up during the night, splitting the city in half and separating East Berlin from West Berlin. The citizens who were used to crossing a nominal border are now trapped in their respective sections, unable to leave. It happens to Jutta and Karin Voigt, too: the two sisters, twins, are both western Berliners, but Karin ends up in an eastern hospital right before Operation Rose begins.