The Second Life of Mirielle West – Amanda Skenandore

The Second Life of Mirielle West is the story of a ‘20 socialite, Mirielle, who gets diagnosed with leprosy. Nowadays, this disease is treatable with antibiotics; back then, it still carried a huge social stigma, meaning that patients were just carted off to special hospitals. Mirielle ends up in one of them, a Louisiana military facility named Carville, away from her husband and her daughters. From then on, her life will never be the same.

#Book Tour – The Farmhouse at Peace and Plenty; L. B. Stimson

Yay Southern Gothic! It’s one of my (many) favorite genres, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to read The Farmhouse at Peace and Plenty. Said Farmhouse is the place where Jenny and Kyle, a couple who’s trying to fix their own marriage, rent for the summer. Clear-cut, right? Well, not really, no. The Farmhouse has been the theater of a huge tragedy in the past, and everybody knows ghosts exist.