The Cherry Robbers – Sarai Walker

The Cherry Robbers is the story of Sylvia Wren, a world-famous artist. Or maybe it’s the story of Iris Chapel, the fifth of the six Chapel sisters, heiresses and all doomed from birth. The two tales, set on different timelines, entwine in the diaries Sylvia decides to write, unhearting secrets that have been kept under wraps for decades

The Boxer and the Blacksmith – Edie Cay

Edie Cay went and did it again. I’ve been anticipating her last novel, The Boxer and the Blacksmith, since the very moment I closed A Lady’s Revenge: would the second installment of When the Blood Is Up live up to the hype? Would I love the main characters as much as I loved Lydia and Arthur? Would it be a book able to stand on its figurative legs?

A Bright Young Thing – Brianne Moore

The MC, Astra, is crafted in a beautiful way. Is she pampered and clueless at the very beginning? Yes. Does she make mistakes here and there? Yes. Is she a cardboard cut character? No. She has layers, she grows and changes throughout the whole story, and that’s what I’m after whenever I start a new book. Character growth

The Wasteland – Q&A with W.A.W. Parker

Everybody and their mom knows by now that I adored The Wasteland. It's such a great book it's already in my Top '21 Chart, first place. I felt like I wanted to indulge a bit more into it tho, so I did the thing any sensible girl would do in my place: I contacted W.A.W. Parker and asked him if he was interested in doing a little interview with me. And he said yes 😀 thank you so much, Adam!