Trick of the Spotlight – M. L. East

When I decided to read this book, I knew close to nothing about South Korea, with two exceptions: the movie Parasite and an undiscussed and unbiased love for kimchi. The small immersion in this foreign culture made me want to discover more, because the world M.L. East described is interesting AF. After finishing my read, I'm intrigued by this unique place and I want to read more about it, so please, if you have a book or a film to suggest, drop it in the comments.

Revenge Cake – Skyler Mason

Revenge Cake gave me a lot of the same vibes of Normal People by Sally Rooney, but although I have found many similarities between Marianne and Leilani there are also a lot of differences, with the most important being that Marianne swipes through life apparently unfeeling, while Leilani is in fact terribly afraid of living and, most importantly, of failure. She is a control freak because of her anxiety, and when things escape from her tight grip, she spirals down. Hard.